Jody Freestone
General Manager | Freestones Transport
Jody Freestone | General Manager, Freestones Transport

Jody Freestone is the general manager of Freestones Transport, a transportation and trucking company that provides full-load deliveries whether they are across town, around the state or throughout the country. Freestones Transport is composed of a fleet of more than 65 trucks and trailing equipment, and hires the most qualified industry professionals to drive and work on the trucks. The company’s mission is to deliver the highest possible standards of service and performance by safely and securely transporting their clients’ products whenever and wherever needed. Freestones Transport has been in business for 32 years and prides itself on the safe transportation of the goods it carries.

Ms. Freestone joined the family business three years ago after working in a variety of roles throughout her 22-year career. An expert in procedural fairness, Ms. Freestone is responsible for managing 80 staff members, overseeing the implementation of 3PL contract valued at $20 million annually, ensuring that interstate services are carried out, working with the team regarding the procurement of parts, and negotiating EBA procurement of new contracts. She attributes her success to her hard work, consistent training, passion, and willingness to learn new things. In the coming years, Ms. Freestone intends to expand the business and be able to run it on her own.

Jody Freestone
General Manager
Freestones Transport
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